Australia is often referred to as the ‘land down under’- so the dream could represent your subconscious.

We find out what it means to dream about Australia

We find out what it means to dream about Australia

Perhaps you need to dig deep to uncover some underlying thoughts. Given that Australia has large expanses uninhabited land, the dream could represent your need for exploration and discovery.

Australians are renowned for being cheery, so if you saw an Australian in you dream perhaps you need to have a more positive attitude. Even if you aren’t feeling on top of the world, you might need to put on a brave face for someone else you care about.

If you were travelling to Australia, then new beginnings are afoot. It’s possible you yearn to move abroad or travel further afield and your dream is a reflection of this wanderlust.

Do you need to travel more? Perhaps you haven’t considered it, but it could do you the world of good. You may not be able to see beyond your home and the town in which you live to the endless possibilities that lie elsewhere. Is it time you explore these? Perhaps you need to travel more to have greater success.

Do you have a wilder side? If so- you may not have embraced this in a while and it’s time you did. You might want to take risks and have more adventures- so what’s stopping you?

To dream of being on a plane heading towards Australia is some reassurance that after a long period of hard work- you will be rewarded- but you have to put in the time first.  

If you were on your own in the outback- perhaps you feel abandoned by someone. You may feel alone right now in your personal of professional life and yearn for company, support or help. Do you need to reach out and ask for it?



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