When you dream about bacon- it generally, represents financial security and prosperity- derived from the saying 'bringing home the bacon'. 

We find out what it means to dream about bacon

We find out what it means to dream about bacon

If you feel that you are providing well for your family and yourself and are no longer relying on others- this might be you dreamed of smelling, eating or seeing bacon.

On the other hand, perhaps you are struggling to provide for those who rely on you and you are concerned about what the future might hold.  

If the bacon was spoiled or undercooked, it's possible you are worried about your health. Perhaps you need to look at your food intake and be honest about where you could make some changes. Or you may be dissatisfied with some area of your life and need to alter something there.

Another interpretation is that it signals the beginning of something as bacon is usually eaten at the beginning of the day. Are you starting a new job, project or relationship? Or do you feel in need of a change? 

Alternatively, dreaming about bacon could be a result of your anticipation of a pleasurable activity.

Another thought is that bacon comes from pigs and these animals are symbols of greed, self-indulgence and self-centeredness. Have you had selfish thoughts lately? Have you been selfish with your money or craved too much attention from others? It might be time to focus on someone other than yourself.

Source: www.edreaminterpretation.org