If you dream about a bagel, then you may feel that your life is missing something right now. This could be something you think you need or a necessity. Either way, you don’t feel fulfilled in your personal relationships or professional life.

We find out what it means to dream about a bagel

We find out what it means to dream about a bagel

You may be putting your heart and soul into making the best of things but you can’t ignore the big void you feel in your life.

It’s possible those around you are content or appear to you to be happy with their lives and this makes it more obvious to you that you don’t. Perhaps the dream is call for a new way of life.

More positively, if this is the case, the dream could be your subconscious telling you to keep looking for whatever it is that makes you feel whole.

It is also interpreted as having sexual urges, so maybe you need to place more importance on your sex life with your current lover. Or perhaps you are craving a close and intimate relationship with someone else if you are currently single.

A bagel could signify that there is stability in your life but not as much as there once was- it has depleted since the last time you paid attention to it and it’s just occurred to you.

Another interpretation is that you feel you can get through a seemingly difficult situation with ease because you know it’s not permanent or serious.

If you were buying bagels in your dream then you may have a comfortable life and it’s telling you not to take things for granted.

If someone close to you was eating a bagel in your dreamscape, then they may be feeling an emptiness. You might want to pay them a visit or talk to them and help to fill that gap.

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