To dream about ballet means you have balance and harmony in your life right now.

We find out what it means to dream about ballet

We find out what it means to dream about ballet

With that said, if you were a ballet dancer and you were stumbling, you may feel that your life lacks any sense of equilibrium at present.

If you were wearing ballet shoes in your dreamscape, then you probably understand what your life needs to have balance- but perhaps you aren’t putting the things in place to achieve it.

Ballet slippers can also symbolise grace and poise- you carry yourself well in other people’s company. You are level headed. On the flipside, you might envy someone else who acts like this in company if you don’t find it easy.

Ballet shoes might indicate that you are about to approach a situation with care and attention.

Another thought is that ballet shoes show your careful side- you don’t like to hurt people’s feelings and you handle their emotions with the upmost delicacy. You are conscious of others and how easily they can be affected by your words and actions.

Ballet is related to feelings of not making any mistakes in a current or upcoming situation. You believe something requires total perfection and perhaps you don’t feel up to he task.

You might be someone who has a strong focus on their goals and it keeps you out of trouble. With that said, perhaps the dream is telling you to knuckle down and concentrate as now is the time that matters.

You may be facing a problem at present that requires your total dedication. Are you prepared to sacrifice other things in order to resolve it? If not then you may not be as worried about it as you thought you were.

Ballet is something that requires a lot of discipline so maybe you need to be more strict with yourself to get things done. Or this could be something you admire in a person in your waking life whom you look up to.  


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