If you see or eat beef in your dream it’s possible you have a dominant animal-like instinct or animalistic energy right now.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

You may be thinking about your most basic needs rather than anything above this- perhaps because you have been forced to or simply because you have chosen to live life in more basic ways.

The dream could also be a reference to a ‘beef’ or grudge you have with someone. Are you trying to pick a fight with this person because you feel this way towards them? It is worth spending all this energy focusing on how you think they wronged you?

Perhaps you have a grudge towards yourself and it might be time to let go and forgive yourself in order to move on if you have been stuck in the same mind-set about yourself for a while now.

If you were eating beef and you’re a vegetarian then it could represent some great suffering that has happened to you or someone else in your waking life. Perhaps this is at the forefront of your mind and you are struggling to think of anything else.

Another possibility is that you have done something lately that goes against your beliefs or morals, that is distasteful to you. It’s possible that it has manifested itself as doing something else you consider to be wrong.

If you were eating raw beef, then it’s possible you are feeling sore or raw about something happening in your waking hours. Is there anything you can do or anyone you can see who will help to address the emotional aches and pains you are feeling?

If the beef was overcooked then you may be feeling over-worked, tired or stressed at present. Is there anything you can do to ease your burden?

Source: www.dreammoods.com

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