To see a bill in your dream suggests that you are thinking about your finances and money matters more than normal.

We find out what it means to dream about bills

We find out what it means to dream about bills

It could be due to the time of year and you’ve gone over on your budget, or perhaps you’ve lost your job, had to spend money on something unexpectedly or are worried about balancing the books.

If there were lots of bills and no money to pay for them- it’s possible the dream is less about money and more about life’s demands in general. You may be feeling overwhelmed right now and don’t know how you are going to cope with something big that is looming over you.

If you received just one bill in your dream through the post or someone handed a bill to you- it might be linked to something from the past that you are only paying for now. Perhaps some time has passed between your actions and the consequences that you are now faced with.

More spiritually, the dream could be telling you to pay back what you owe- not with money but with other things at your disposal. It could be by spending some time with someone who gave you theirs or doing a good deed for someone who looked after you when you were down.

More positively, if you were able to pay the bill in your dreamscape, then you are coping with what life is throwing you right now. You are breaking it down into manageable chunks and dealing with things that way. Try not to take it for granted and be grateful when things go well for you.

More widely, bills are symbols of obligations, promises and responsibilities you need to keep. Perhaps you have taken on a new role that requires these things or maybe you have neglected what’s expected or required of you lately and you need to take ownership of what’s rightfully yours again.



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