If you dream about making biscuits, you may feel trapped in some way in your waking hours.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you need to break free from your routine, bad habits or your own fears to stop feeling like this.

If you were dunking biscuits in your dream this is linked to having fun. Are you having too much fun or not enough in your life? Only you can answer this honestly.

Dry biscuits could be a sign that you need to lighten up and enjoy life more. You are being too frugal or disciplined and need to relax a little.

Sweet biscuits could indicate your feelings about your life as it stands. Perhaps you feel life is sweet right now and the dream is urging you not to take it for granted.

If the biscuits were too sweet to eat, then you may be getting too much of a good thing in your waking hours and it’s time to dial it back to a more manageable level.

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Baking shortbread means that good things are coming your way- even more so if you ate the biscuits you baked.

Baking biscuits is also a sign of get togethers and family gatherings. Perhaps you need to invest more time with those you love if you’ve neglected them lately. It might also foretell new people coming into your life.

If you were eating lots of biscuits, perhaps your dream is telling you to go easy on the sweet stuff. You are eating too many things that are bad for you and if it hasn’t already, will take its toll on your health.

More negatively, seeing or eating biscuits is a sign that you will let trivial problems and minor irritations annoy you. Try not to let the little things get on top of you or you will leave no room to cope with the bigger ones.

If you were feeding dog biscuits to a dog- this shows that you are willing to care for someone or something other than yourself. You have a loving instinct and even when your life is difficult, you are still willing to give to others. 

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Perhaps your overindulgences have given you a taste for the good things in life and this has driven you to work harder to maintain this standard. Alternatively, you're getting into trouble by trying to keep up with it, so it might be wise to stop fooling yourself and others and live a more modest existence. Consider the phrase 'muffin top'- are you putting too many bad things into your body that are ultimately taking their toll on your health and weight? If so- do you need to look into eating more healthfully moving forward?... to read more click HERE 

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