If you dreamed about Black Friday, it suggests that you focus too much on material items rather than what really matters in life.

We find out what it means to dream about Black Friday

We find out what it means to dream about Black Friday

Perhaps you consistently put possessions before family, friends, experiences, even feelings. If this is the case, perhaps you need to shift your priorities before you find yourself with no one.

If you were gearing up to Black Friday, it’s possible you have certain expectations for something in your waking hours. You have experienced something very similar before and you are either resigned to this future event going very well or very badly, depending on what happened last time.

If you wanted to buy something specific in your dream, then you may have a deep yearning for a certain something in your life. Perhaps it’s something you can’t afford, or maybe it isn’t even an item you can buy, it’s a feeling, a person or even an experience. Whatever it is- the item in the dream could represent this desire within and your focus on the thing you crave.

If you were shopping in the sales on Black Friday, the dream could be telling you to tighten your purse strings- you are spending too freely, and you need to reign in this habit before it puts you into debt.

If you were waiting in line with your partner or family for an item, this could represent something that you both really want. You are working together to reach a common goal.

If you were alone, however, you may want something that your nearest and dearest don’t. Perhaps they don’t agree with what you want, and their absence shows this lack of support for your investment.

Do they have a point? Think about your intended purchase- do you really need it? Is it wise decision?

If you wanted to by something that was out of stock, then maybe you have missed an opportunity. You were too late or someone else got in there first. If you were blaming the company for not making enough of the product, you may someone who always places blame elsewhere. Is it time you owned up to your own mistakes and accept that some failures might be partly down to you too?

Source: www.dream-meaning.net