To dream about a bonfire suggests that you might need to find a new path in life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you need a different goal and therefore a new way to reach it. You might already have a passion for change and are putting the pieces in place for things to alter. If you pursue this- it could mean financial freedom and contentment within your working life.

There may be someone in your life who is motivated to change- if you agree with them perhaps you need to help them in their quest for newness.

Another thought is that you need to find way to express yourself more- to let go of old ways of doing things and outdated ways of thinking and stay true to yourself.

Bonfire night is a time for celebration so do you feel you need something to celebrate if things have been hard lately? Or are you anticipating an upcoming celebration? If so you may just be excited if this time of year is special to you.  

Bonfires are symbols of festivals and commitments to others. Perhaps you have committed yourself to something you can’t do. If so- treat the people you will be letting down with respect, so you don’t get burned.

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If you were throwing things on a bonfire with others- then you may receive help from those around you to keep something going in your life.

Throwing things onto the fire can be linked to clearing things out- which might be material possessions or even a decluttering of the mind.

If you struggled to keep the bonfire burning- you might have some failures, setbacks and losses in your near future.

A big, bright bonfire, predicts a prosperous future- if there were sparks then you might experience some anger along the way, but you will still get to where you want to go.

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