To dream about a bra is generally associated with protection and security.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are trying to protect yourself from getting hurt in a situation in your waking life. Maybe you don’t feel secure right now in your relationship, a friendship or your job for instance so you are building up a buffer to stop yourself from damage. You may be trying to keep yourself as safe as you possibly can as a result.

Wearing a bra or putting one on could indicate your need for dignity and self-respect. Perhaps you have been embarrassed lately and feel you need to regain some composure or maybe you fear being made a fool of by certain people so you are making an effort to look respectable.

Wearing a bra can be interpreted as not wanting to look easy to others or that you are willing to give away your power. Perhaps others have made the wrong assumption about you being a pushover and you want to set the record straight.

A bra could be a sign that you need an emotional uplift. Do you need to spend time with the people that make you feel good about yourself or do something that gives you a boost? A holiday? A break away? A pamper day?

Bras also signify your nurturing and maternal side- you may feel like you need to mother or protect someone in your life right now. Just be sure that they want your guidance and that you’re not being overbearing with good intentions.

If you took your bra off or were not wearing one- you may lack discipline and control – is it time to introduce some direction and order into your life?

Taking your bra off might be linked to your sexuality too. Perhaps you feel ready to be intimate with someone you’re attracted to- a new partner for instance. Maybe you want to inject some spice into an existing relationship if you don’t feel as physically connected to them anymore.

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