When you dream about a buffet, it's generally because you want everything your way and all at the same time.

We find out what it means to dream about a buffet

We find out what it means to dream about a buffet

Perhaps you assume things should always be your way and you expect too much of people or situations as a result.

Try to see things from other people’s point of view and let them have their way too by means of compromise. Sometimes more can be learned from being more accommodating. You might find that your relationships improve as a result.

If you were eating a lot at the buffet, it's possible that you are trying to work through some guilt about something or someone in your waking life.

Is your current approach the best one- or do you need to find an alternative way to navigate through these feelings?

Perhaps you are in a relationship or working on something in your professional life that is taking up a lot of your energy.

A sign of this could be if you ate too much from the buffet in your dream. You are taking on more than is healthy or necessary and need to cut back before you become overwhelmed.

A buffet can also represent life's choices. If you are faced with too many options lately- it could be why you dreamed of a variety of foods. Perhaps you need to find a means of whittling down what YOU actually want, like or prefer in life to avoid being distracted by other things and influence by other people.

Or maybe you are in the privileged position of having many options right now and aren't tied down to one place, person or job. Your life might be flexible at present and the dream could be telling you to embrace the freedom you now have and not take it for granted.

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