To dream about a bully indicates that there are people or situations that are making you feel down lately.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It can also signify a situation or person you want to confront but feel it would be too difficult to do so.

If you didn’t stand up to a bully in your dream, then you may be someone who shies away from challenges or perhaps you have given into to someone lately.

If on the other hand you stood up to the bully, then you are facing your fears and confronting your problems head on. You have found the courage to do something about the difficult things in your life.

If you were the bully in your dream, then you may be acting with arrogance and invincibility right now. It might be time to readjust your behaviours if it is having a detrimental effect no others and your relationships.

Again, if you were the bully, you might have a habit of dominating conversations, relationships and situations. It might be easier to recognise when you are doing this and learning how to control it better.

You may have difficulties admitting to your own weaknesses and asking for help with them- you would rather divert the attention onto someone else. If this is the case- you may need to tackle these insecurities before it drives people away.

Perhaps you have a lack of respect for someone specific or others in general right now and you need to find someone whom you look up to again. It’s possible you will have respect of this person or people again- but for now they are not in your good books. You may just need to give it time.  

Bullies are also indicative of hidden rage towards something or someone. You may need to find a means of releasing this rage in a safe way so you don’t end up hurting someone else or indeed- yourself.

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