When you see something burning in your dream, it is often because you have some intense or passionate feelings about something or someone.

We find out what it means to dream about burning

We find out what it means to dream about burning

Another interpretation is that you are being harsh, hurtful or intense towards someone in your waking life, or even yourself.

Alternatively you may be feeling ‘burned out’ if you have been working too hard and it might be time to give yourself a rest.

If you dreamt that you were being burned alive, it's possible you are being consumed by your own ambition. This may have killed off some other area of your life if you have neglected it for the sake of your strong desire to achieve. Perhaps a situation or area of your life is ‘going up in smoke’ due to your intense passion, such as your relationship with your partner for instance.

If you skin was burned then perhaps you are still hurting emotionally from something that happened to you in the past.

Another thought, when you were the one being burned alive is that you see yourself as lacking freedom. You are trapped in a painful situation and see no way out.

If money was burning in your dreamscape then you may believe that money, power or resources are being wasted in your personal or professional life.

If a city was burning down then you may feel like your social activity or friendships have been destroyed or ruined. Perhaps a close friendship has come to an end and you’ve vowed never to speak to them again or vice versa. You or they have burned bridges.

A burned face represents feelings of low self-esteem and a lack of belief in yourself. Perhaps you feel unattractive to others or someone specific like a partner.

If the burns extended to your whole body then maybe you think you’re paying the price for something you’ve done that you feel guilty about.

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