To dream about canned food or drink represents preservation.

We find out what it means to dream about cans

We find out what it means to dream about cans

What are you looking to preserve or hold onto in your waking hours? Is it doing you more harm than good to hang on?

If the cans were out of date, then you may be harbouring some outdated habits, feelings, thoughts and plans which you need to make more relevant to today.

You are content with old ways because nothing better has come along so it might be time to actively look for something or someone new.

On the flipside, perhaps you would benefit from thinking ahead. Although it might not be ideal to consider the possibility of bad times- you need to be prepared if they do happen. Perhaps you should contemplate some sort of backup in terms of supplies or money.

If you were opening cans in your dream, and there was something sweet inside, then your future might be graced with good things.

On the other hand, if what you found inside was rotten- you may experience some difficult times in the near future.

A can with no label means you know someone is keeping a secret from you and you have no idea what it could be. You could guess but you’re not certain.

A closed can might also represent things you want to keep to yourself and not share with anyone else.

An open can symbolise an opportunity that is ready and waiting for you to take. Or that you want to share something with everyone.

If the can was damaged, then you might have been through a rough time lately and it has left a dent in your confidence or given you a permanent emotional scar.

Cans of soup are thought to be linked to upcoming illness- or maybe you’re already ill and matching the two together in your dreamscape.

A leaky can could be telling you that something or someone is slowly draining you of your energy and you need to find way to stop it or them in its tracks.


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