When you dream about carrots, it can mean you hope all your hard work will pay off or lead to a positive outcome in your professional life. This could be in the form of a promotion or a wage increase.

We find out what it means to dream about carrots

We find out what it means to dream about carrots

It could also refer to your patience. You may be a person who is willing to wait for something in order for it to be just right, rather than rushing to tick a box.

Carrots can also refer to a lure- think about the pun- ‘dangle a carrot’. Are you trying to tempt someone into thinking along the same lines as you or do something that suits you when they might be reluctant to? Or are you the one being enticed into something you feel uncomfortable about? It could be time to listen to your gut- if it feels wrong then you might not want to be pulled into something that goes against your morals.

Carrots can also be a reflection of good health- you may have received some good news about your health lately or perhaps you have been making positive steps to reclaim your health in your waking hours.

If you were eating a carrot in your dream then perhaps you are worried about your health and need to put some plans in place to improve it. You may be putting too many toxins into your body and need to focus on more healthful eating.

Eating carrots in a dream can also signify your need for better vision. This could be in the literal sense, i.e. you require stronger glasses or lenses to help you see better or in the metaphorical one. You may feel like a situation you are in is a little foggy and you can’t see clearly what’s going on before making your decision. Is there someone or something that could help you to expose the truth?

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