Cartoons in dreams are often representations of people in your real life- when you see them this way they may be easier to deal with. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to talk to or be around someone in your waking hours and you are trying different ways of approaching them.

We find out what it means to dream about a cartoon

We find out what it means to dream about a cartoon

Cartoon characters can represent people in your life whom you don’t take too seriously. This could be someone who you get together with when you want a laugh or someone you don’t have any time for. You may not know that you feel this way towards someone until you have such a dream.

If you see a specific cartoon character then you might have some of the same attributes as they do. How do you feel about this character? If you don’t approve of their traits- could they also be the things you like least about yourself and want to change? If you did- do you need to bring more of this side of yourself out? Similarly, does their circumstance relate to yours?

If you see yourself in a cartoon world or you are watching cartoons in a dreamscape- it’s possible you don’t take your own life too seriously and you prefer playing around rather than being an adult and embracing your responsibilities.

Are you too silly or immature for your age? Could this be detrimental to your relationships or your professional life? Do you need to grow up?

On the flipside it could be your subconscious telling you to devote more time enjoying the simpler things in life. To do something you love and not worry too much about the consequences. Your inner child may need some nurturing.

Stress can also be a trigger for this kind of dream, as you might want to escape whatever difficulties you are having right now. You may be craving for some light-heartedness and fun to distract you from the harsh reality.

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