If you are giving to or receiving from a charity in a dream, it is linked with your ability to give and receive love.

We find out what it means to dream about charity

We find out what it means to dream about charity

Perhaps you have a big heart and have lots of compassion for others- or maybe you have been overwhelmed by the love someone else has shown you lately.

Another interpretation when you give to charity in a dream is that you want to do something to improve your own happiness.

Consider what you do that is supposedly altruistic- do you really want something in return when you help others? Think carefully about the real reason you do for other people.

If you received from a charity, then someone will look out for and be a strong support for you.

Some believe that giving to charity in a dream predicts you will be bothered by people asking for your help all the time and it will put you at a standstill either professionally or personally.

Is the dream telling you to be more charitable? If you rarely give to others and think of other people’s crcumstances- it could be urging you to think of those outside of your own world that might be less fortunate than you are.

On the flipside- do you give more time to charitable causes than you do to yourself and your own family? It might be time readdress the balance and make sure you are giving yourself the basics to be able to help both.

Seeing a charity in a dream could also mean difficult times lie ahead for you and your finances. Perhaps you will have to ask others for help if you can’t support yourself and your family. So be vigilant when it comes to anything related to your income and don’t be too hasty when it comes to investing, spending and moving your money around.

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