If you ate a chili in your dream then you are getting to the heart of something that has been troubling you in your waking life- possibly something that has made you angry.

We find out what it means to dream about chillies

We find out what it means to dream about chillies

It could be that the thing you are angry about is not important in the grand scheme of things so you might need to learn to let it go. Or maybe you have found yourself fighting with someone simply because they are easily angered or wound up.  

Chilies can also be symbolic of your passion or raw emotion for something or someone.  It’s possible you have been exploring fantasies or desires with your lover that you might have been hiding from them.

Alternatively, you could be finding a situation ‘hard to swallow’ at work or at home right now.  You might be trying to find a way to see things from a certain person’s point of view and understand the reason for their behaviour even if it seems unsavoury to you.

Chilies could be a warning to you about some danger, complication or challenge you envisage in your future or a risk you haven’t given much thought to. You may need to be more cautious during the next few months in your personal or professional life.  

This dream could also be a metaphor for being chilly. Perhaps you generally feel the cold more than others or you’re worried about someone giving you the cold shoulder.

Hot spices such as chillies can indicate that you are about to go on a long journey- are you thinking about booking a holiday or have you arranged to go somewhere far from your home?

As spices are generally associated with Indian food- perhaps you need to get in touch with your spiritual side if you have neglected this part of yourself lately.

Source: www.edreaminterpretation.org