When you dream about receiving a Christmas card you're about to get some joyful news in your waking life, have just received some or about to be surprised by something or someone.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you sent a Christmas card in your dream, it's possible you are reaching out to a loved one or reconnecting with an old friend or work colleague in your waking hours. Or maybe you feel you should- think about who the card was intended for- this could be a clue as to who you feel you should be making more time for.

Christmas cards are also symbolic of forgiveness- so perhaps you yearn to let someone know you forgive them or are hoping they will forgive you. It might be the right time to let things go and move on.

Another interpretation is that you may need to show those around you that you care and worry about them if you have been a little closed off lately.

If you were looking at an old Christmas card in your dream, perhaps you are feeling nostalgic and remembering how things used to be. Remembering better times and wishing you had the same again. Is there something you can recreate from this period in your history to make you feel happier now? 

Sending Christmas cards can feel like an obligation at this time of year so perhaps you feel resentful for having to do something you really don’t want to.

Is it time you admitted that you think a certain habit or tradition is pointless or offer an alternative? 

If you handed someone a Christmas card in your dream and they didn’t return the gesture, it’s possible you are putting more into a relationship than they are giving back. Do you need to address the imbalance with this person or simply walk away? 

If someone gifted you a card and you had nothing to give them in return, perhaps you are the one who isn’t maintaining a healthy equilibrium in a relationship that is supposed to be significant. 

To read a Christmas card that has been made by a child might be a reminder to you to have more fun, especially now at this time of year. Have you been too focused on the serious things in life and forgotten to relish in the silliness and the magic of Christmas?

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If you were putting up Christmas decorations in your dream, it’s possible you are getting ready for something in your waking hours. You are preparing what you can now to make this day easier and to get you in the mood for what is to come. Consider your state of mind in the dream as this will give you some idea of how you feel about this upcoming event. Try to remember what the decorations were like and what condition they were in for additional meaning... to read more click HERE 

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