When you dream about Christmas Day, it generally means that you need to show peace, humility and kindness to others.

We find out what it means to dream about Christmas Day

We find out what it means to dream about Christmas Day

If you have been fighting with someone close to you- it might be time to make amends. It may also be appropriate to show people modesty and humbleness at this time of year, rather than focusing on materialistic gains. Kindness goes a long way so perhaps you need to be more loving to those around you by putting in a little extra effort.

It's also representative of celebration, generosity and goodwill, so you may be craving this from others or anticipating it given the time of year.

If the Christmas Day went well in your dream- it might be your subconscious assuring you that your family unit is strong or that you desire a more stable family life.

If there was discontent in your dream between your family members, it may be wise to invest more time with them in the New Year to repair any damage that might be causing you to grow apart at present.

Christmas Day can also symbolize feelings of entitlement- if you think you are due something that's well deserved or have received something you feel is fitting for your hard work, such as a well needed break.

More negatively, Christmas Day can also be reminiscent of forced social situations and feelings of obligation if you believe yourself to be in the midst of something you don't want to do in your waking life.

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