Dreaming about Christmas Eve is generally a positive sign.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

It signifies new beginnings and reminds you of the importance of family.

Perhaps you are planning on starting a new project, a new job, moving location or embarking on a new relationship.

If your family were there in your dream on Christmas Eve- it’s a sign that you shouldn’t neglect them at this time of year or any for that matter.

If you haven’t seen your family in a while, it might be time to make a plan. If the reason you’ve not seen them is due to some disagreement- is it time to forget and forgive? It is the time of year for such generosity of spirit.

If not every member of your family was there, or you were preoccupied with others in your dream, then you may walk away from your life at some point in the near future. You are not happy with what life has dealt you and you want to carve a new path.

If you were wrapping many Christmas presents on Christmas eve, this is an indication of how many people are in your life and the positive relationships you have. So, try not to take them for granted.

If there were only a few or no presents under the tree for you then you may feel unappreciated by others. You have more value than others give you credit for.

If you were unable to give people presents on Christmas Eve- it’s possible you have given up on a better life for yourself. Why not use the time wisely and decide on a new start for yourself? One where you realise your potential.

More positively, it could be sign that you have grown up and you appreciate things that money can’t buy like love, family and kindness.

Perhaps you have left something too late and you have little or no time to try and fix it. Do you have to have it, or can you think up another solution?

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