When you dream about Christmas lights, it’s generally related to the things you do to make others happy.

We find out what it means to dream about Christmas lights

We find out what it means to dream about Christmas lights

Perhaps you always think of pleasing others before yourself. On the other hand, maybe there is someone in your life who needs some enlightenment or guidance right now. Consider who was in the dream with you as this might help you to identify who this person could be. They might just need your help.

Maybe you need to consider others more if you generally put yourself before your family, friends or a partner. The dream could be helping you to ‘see the light’ and make recognise the error of your ways.

The dream could be telling you to be happy for someone in your waking hours- to not be jealous of them or resent them for their blessings- to just be glad for them. Envy might not be getting you anywhere- so why not change your attitude?

More negatively, the dream could be a sign that you are resentful at this time of year. You don’t approve of the expectations to be happy when you might not be feeling so. Do you need to be honest with those nearest and dearest or do you need to fake it till you make it?

Perhaps you are worried about other people going overboard all in the name of goodwill. It’s possible you feel you can’t match their gestures or believe that they are too much.

On a more positive note, Christmas lights can be about the anticipation of the family coming together for the feature period. Perhaps you are looking forward to being with everyone under one roof if this isn’t a common occurrence.

If the lights were all one colour- perhaps you feel bored by the celebrations you have each Christmas. If they are the same every year- then it might be time for change. To do something that you’ve never tried before- like going away- having Christmas at another person’s house or having it alone.

A string of Christmas lights might be an indication that you need to work together with someone or lots of people in your life. If you have been operating alone for a while- perhaps you need to support others and let others help you too.

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