To dream about cinnamon suggests that you need a bit of spice in your life.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you need to do something that is unusual for you- something out of character if things have become mundane of late.

Cinnamon is a pleasant spice, so it could be linked to feelings around special occasions. Think about the times when you have enjoyed a cinnamon flavoured treat- who was with you? What were you doing? This might give you an insight into who you need to spend more time with or what you need to do more of.

Do you associate it with being cared for? Perhaps you need to show someone greater care or yearn for someone close to give you more attention.

Special treatment does have its downsides too- for the dream could mean that someone is treating you well but for the wrong reasons. Or that you expect special treatment in every area of your life even when you aren’t due it. Be mindful of your ego and feelings of self-righteousness- they are unattractive qualities and often push people away.

The spice is considered by some, to have uses in purification and protection. Perhaps you want to feel more protected from someone in your waking hours or maybe you need to look after someone else better.

Do you need to purify some area of your life? Perhaps your thoughts have become tainted with negativity, you are making bad decisions, or you are spending time with the wrong sort of people. In which case, some cleansing might be needed here.

To smell cinnamon foretells more social activity in your life. Perhaps you haven’t been the most social of people lately and you need to make more of an effort. Is it your turn to host or to make the arrangements?

In many cultures cinnamon is believed to predict good fortune and a positive reputation. Perhaps things are about to look up for you. You may see improvements in your financial situation, your relationship or your prospects in the near future.

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