Dreaming about a coastguard, could indicate your need to navigate safely around certain events in your waking life. Perhaps there is something happening in your life that you feel has the potential to get much worse if you don’t keep a constant watch over it. But is it your job to do this?

We find out what it means to dream about a coastguard

We find out what it means to dream about a coastguard

You may feel you have a responsibility to yourself and others to ensure that that things in your life always run smoothly. It’s possible you feel a great deal of guilt and like you’ve let yourself and others down when something goes awry. It might be time to take the pressure off and let your guard down for once.

Perhaps you think other people are unable to deal with their own problems so you see yourself as the natural person to oversee things while they are in a fragile state. You may be someone who likes to monitor people to make sure their issues don’t get any worse. Especially those closest to you.

With that said, you may be too concerned with other people’s difficulties that you are failing to tend to your own.

It’s possible the people you are helping need to learn to deal with things by themselves rather than relying on your all the time. People tend to gravitate towards you because you are stable but they may be leaning too hard on you right now.

On the other hand- the people you feel a duty to might not want your help.

in the same vein, perhaps you always expect the worst of situations. It might be time to start looking on the bright side and stop being so cautious. Not everything will end in disaster and sometimes you need to let things take their natural course- even if there is some negativity along the way.

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