To dream about a comic book means you have the ability to spin a good yarn.

We find out what it means to dream about comic books

We find out what it means to dream about comic books

Perhaps you need to put this talent to better use and explore your potential. Or it could be pushing you to be more creative in your work as this might help you to move forward in your chosen career path.

On the other hand, you may wish to take part in an incredible experience that defies all odds. You’re looking for things to make your life more interesting or exciting.  

More negatively, perhaps you are showing off and not being realistic about the problems and resources you have at present. You only want to focus on the good times. This could be due to you being in denial about something.

You may think that being powerful is the only way to get noticed and be interesting to others, but the reality might be quite different.

Another interpretation is that you need to learn not to take yourself too seriously in life. You need to have a better sense of humour, enjoy more fun and be a bit childish sometimes. This might help you to survive unpleasant events that are happening or could happen in your adult life.

Along the same vein- comic books are associated with childhood so perhaps you need to apply something you learned during this time to your present.

It is thought that a dream of this kind can indicate disappointment in your romantic life but success in your professional life.

Do you need to be brave and face up to something in you waking life? Do you need to demonstrate courage without limits?

Comic books can also be symbolic of quarrels ad problems between you and someone else. Consider who was depicted as your nemesis as this might help you identify the person you will have issue with in the near future- if you don’t already. The advice for the present could be not to rise to anyone who provokes you and be patient.


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