To dream about a store is symbolic of choices and ideas you might be considering.

We find out what it means to dream about a department store

We find out what it means to dream about a department store

You have the opportunity to think differently about something because there is lots of choice. Perhaps there is some are of your life you are serious about doing differently and you need to see the other things available to you in order to do this.

Perhaps you are thinking about a change but you want to see what’s out there before you make a firm decision. You may have realised that something needs to alter in your life and you are considering what steps you need to take to make a difference to your waking hours.

More negatively, being in a store, could reflect feelings of needing to change because everyone else around you is. You may not think you’re ready to take the jump but sense there’s pressure to do so from people at work, at home, or even society at large. You may see change as mandatory but really- it isn’t at all.

Dreams of stores can represent feelings of not liking who you are and you are constantly looking for a new you to fit in. Perhaps as a result you are letting yourself be influenced in ways that are not beneficial to you.

You may be trying to fulfil some needs, goals, wishes or desires you’ve had for a while.

Consider what you were looking in the dream for as this could give you a greater understanding of what you think your life is lacking right now.  

The dream could be telling you to ask questions, do your research and negotiate for what you want rather than just taking what is on offer.

Perhaps you have been given choice you feel no pressure to make- it is simply there for you when you feel ready to make it. Just be mindful that it may have some longevity but it won’t be there forever so don’t take too long in making your decision.


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