As diamonds are strong and durable, dreaming of them can indicate an powerful side to your personality.

We find out what it means to dream about a diamond

We find out what it means to dream about a diamond

Perhaps you are a determined person who never gives in or compromises over your beliefs. You strive to achieve perfection and are unwavering in your pursuit of it.

While this can be regarded as a good quality, it might also be responsible for driving people away. The dream could be telling you to compromise more and open yourself up to new opinions and ideas.

Diamonds are also thought to reflect an arrogance in people. Perhaps you think you are better than everyone else and you have no problem showing it. Consider why you feel this way about yourself and how you can see yourself as an equal rather than a superior to your friends, family and work colleagues.

On the flipside, perhaps someone is acting this way towards you. Do you need to distance yourself from this person or let them know how their attitude is affecting you?

A diamond ring signifies a permanent commitment or promise you’ve made to someone or something lately. On the other hand, maybe someone has offered you a gesture of permanence and you feel positive that you have proof that are accepted and wanted by them.

If you lost a diamond ring, perhaps you feel something is missing in your relationship. If the stone was loose, then you may be worried about the state of your partnership- are you falling out of love with your lover?

Diamonds are often the gift you buy for 10th, 60th or 70th celebrations, so its possible you are gearing up towards a milestone birthday or anniversary. Diamonds are also the birthstone for the month of April, so you might already be making preparations for your birthday.

Consider the phrase ‘diamond in the rough’- perhaps you are failing to see the potential of something in your life because it heavily disguised or hidden. The dream could be referring to you too- it’s possible you can’t see your own potential for the layers of self-doubt and perceived barriers that are blocking your view.



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