Doodles are scribbles or rough sketches- they are informal and therefore considered to mean sloppiness.

We find out what it means to dream about a doodle

We find out what it means to dream about a doodle

Perhaps you are supposed to be doing something important in your waking hours and you have been slacking off and not putting in much effort. You know you need to work harder than you are, but you are trying to avoid your responsibilities.

Consider what the doodle was of in your dream as this might give you greater insight into what it was trying to tell you.

Doodles are known to require less effort than other forms of drawing so perhaps you are not reaching your potential or achieving the most from life right now. If someone gives you a task to do either at work or at home- you never do it thoroughly- you try and get away with the minimum amount of effort required to get it done.

You might be getting by in life as it stands but it won’t last and will be detrimental to your future. You won’t go anywhere- you will stay stagnant or perhaps you will lose something as a result of your laziness.

Doodles are something people do when they are bored so perhaps the dream is proof that you are bored with your current circumstances. You can’t think of anything better to do with your time, so you often end up wasting it. You are stuck in a rut and are doing what you have always done because you know how to do it and it requires little thought.

While this is better than doing nothing at all, you will feel disappointed with your achievements at the end of your life. If you feel like this and you don’t want to anymore- it might bet time for a change.

Put a plan in place so you can look back over your life and feel proud and fulfilled. Take action now while you still can and before it’s too late.


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