When you dream of a drinking straw, it’s possible you feel you are ‘drawing straws’ in your waking life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

In other words, you are making decisions at random rather than having any evidence to sway you one way or the other.

It might be wise to invest more time and effort in making informed decisions in future rather than leaving them to chance.

With that said, perhaps you feel you lack some control right now, even if the decisions you are making appear fair to everyone. How can you regain that control again? Do you need to find another method that is still fair to everyone but has more substance?

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It’s possible, you feel you aren’t getting things in the quantity you’d like or as fast as you’d prefer. You might see yourself as having to wait an unnecessarily long time for something or someone. Can you do something to speed up the process or do you need to learn to be patient?

Another thought process is that you may need to pace yourself during your waking hours if you have been overindulging lately. Whatever it is you have been doing too much of may still be there even if you dial it back. For instance, if you have been overeating- remember that there will still be food tomorrow so there is no need to eat so much of it today. Alternatively, you don’t need to do everything today, you can spread out tasks and responsibilities over a number of days to make your load more manageable.

You may have been taking things for granted and need to take stock of what you have again before moving on. Adopt the little and often approach rather than focusing on the big things all the time as this might help towards your happiness.

The dream could also act as a metaphor for the ‘last straw’- perhaps you have endured a situation for too long and you’ve finally had enough and reached your breaking point.

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