Eagles are thought to be symbols of nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage and intellect.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This could mean that you will fight with fierceness and courage in order to reach your goals. Your understanding of life is that you need to fly high or you will never achieve your dreams or overcome the challenges you will face along the way.

For some, the eagle could be a representation of your patriotism. In other words, you have a great love, devotion and attachment to your homeland. Are you doing all you can to express this sentiment? Perhaps there is something more you could be doing to show your appreciation for where you live. Alternatively, your openness about your dedication to your country might be a little too passionate for some. Do you need to dial it back?

If the eagle was chained or trapped in your dream, then you might be feeling restrained or confined in a particular area of your life right now and yearn for some freedom. Perhaps you don’t think you can express your true self to people.

If you killed an eagle in your dream, then you may stop at nothing to get where you want even if it results in hurting someone else to acquire what you desire.

If someone else killed an eagle in your dreamscape, then your power, success and fortune may be taken away from you in a ruthless manner.

You might be an intelligent person, but ask yourself- has this led to a sense of superiority over others? If so, could this be hurting your friendships or potential romantic relationships?

Eagles might also represent some greater clarity about a situation in your life. You may finally see what’s going on beneath the surface of something to get to the truth. You are starting to follow your intuition and gut instincts and it’s serving you well.  

A nest of baby eagles high up in a tree could represent your climb to power and elevation up the social ladder. Consider how you felt as you were climbing. If you were anxious, or feeling bad – you might be trying to go through the ranks dishonestly. On the other hand, if you felt positive, then you may reach the top because of your integrity and your knowledge. Think about how you want to get there and how you wish to be regarded once you do.

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Consider how you spend your hours before bed- are these habits contributing to a healthy life or not? If you tend to watch your TV, phone or tablet right up until you go to bed, perhaps the dream is telling you to give your mind and eyes a rest to encourage a better night’s sleep. If you eat lots of sugary and salty snacks after your evening meal, it may be time to swap these out for healthier alternatives or simply cut them out altogether if you feel they are impacting your quality of sleep and/or your health in general… to read more click HERE 

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