If you saw ears in your dreams, you may need to be more open to the guidance and assistance of others.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you are relying too much on your own judgement and intuition rather than letting other people help you when you need it most.

It’s possible you need to listen more intently to what you are being told by someone older or of more experience, especially if you are being immature for your age or in a particular situation.

If you dream of oddly shape ears, you are being deceived by someone or you are deceiving someone else.

If you were cleaning wax out of your ears- then you may not be listening to the people around you. Consider the phrase- ‘turning a deaf ear’- are you deliberately choosing to ignore someone? If so why?

Pain in one or both of your ears, could mean you are about to receive some bad news.

If your ear was cut off in your dreamscape, you’ve had enough of listening to others and you want to do your own thing or simply to have some peace for a while.

Alternatively, if you cut of someone else’s ear or their ear was severed- it might be wise to keep your opinions to yourself because others don’t want to hear them or they won’t benefit from your views. On the other hand- perhaps you need to stop talking about others so much and concentrate on your own affairs.

If your ears were turning red, you may be feeling some guilt or shame over something you’ve done lately.

When someone whispers in your ear in a dream- it’s telling you to pay closer attention to this person in your waking life as they are trying to tell you something. On the flipside, you may feel insecure or anxious that others are talking behind your back.

Getting your ears pierced could foretell some piercing insults or remarks from others- try not to take them to heart as they could be fuelled by jealousy. However, if they come from someone in a position of authority- it might just be the jolt you need to change for the better.

If there was a fly in your ear- someone could be trying to tell you something discreetly but perhaps it’s not something you want to hear and you wish they would tell someone else.

Bugs in your ear are linked to rumours you’ve heard recently- however if they were coming out of your ear- you may have overheard something that wasn’t meant for you.

Source: www.dreammoods.com

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