Dreaming about electricity is suggestive of drive and spontaneity.

We find out what it means to dream about electricity

We find out what it means to dream about electricity

Perhaps you need to be more active, ignite a passion within or start a new life altogether.

Do you envy people who embody these things? If so it might be time you joined in.

Perhaps you need to be revitalised- you have vigour and energy in there somewhere, but you need to learn how to unleash it.

You have emotions and thoughts that are very much alive, and you need to allow them to reach their potential.

On the flipside, perhaps you need to conserve your energy- even more so if the electrify was fried in your dream.

Electricity is also thought to foretell a change in your life that will come suddenly. It might even confuse you, but it is bound to come as a shock if you have lived a certain way for a while.

Electricity can be linked with danger- so perhaps you aren’t sufficiently protecting yourself right now and need to spend more time looking after number one.

If you work in a power station, this is a positive sign that you will always have a steady flow of work.

Blue electricity represents positivity and life energy. Good things that are happening in your life mean you are in a very happy place right now.

Red electricity on the other hand is synonymous with negative energy. Perhaps someone is having a negative effect on your mood- do you need to distance yourself from this person? It’s possible several negative things have happened in your waking hours and it has given you a poor mindset. Who can you call upon or what can you do to turn this around?

Electricity might also refer to the strong connection you have with someone in your life. Do you need to tell this person how you really feel about them?

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