Fairies are generally thought to be a positive sign however sometimes they can have negative connotations depending on how they appear to you in your dream.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Fairies are synonymous with magic, wishes, humour, lightness and enchantment. Perhaps you are secretly wishing for something in your waking hours and hope it will come true. Or maybe you want more light-heartedness in your life.

There are thought to be reassurances when you dream about a fairy that your innermost desires will come true- whatever form the fairy takes in your dream.

Fairies are considered to be messengers too so perhaps someone is trying to tell you something or do you need to pass on some information to someone else?

These creatures can be traced back to European, Roman and Greek folklore and are known for their trickery. Perhaps someone is trying to trick you- in which case, be careful who you trust and what people promise. On the flipside- are you trying to trick someone? If so- why? And is it worth it?

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Do you need to connect more with nature and the environment around you? It’s possible that this will help you to find your inner peace, a new perspective and the space to think.

Fairies are playful and spontaneous- so the dream could be telling you to have more fun and not take life so seriously all the time.

They are often depicted as females so perhaps you need to embrace the feminine side of yourself more.

If the fairy was sad, then you may suffer a loss of love or money in the near future.

Finally, fairies suggest that anything is possible if you just believe in it. Perhaps you lack belief in a project or even yourself and you need to have greater respect for it or you for success.

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Perhaps you have been working very hard in your job and you are expecting a raise or praise from your superiors. Maybe you have been through a rough patch in your relationship but the effort you have put in has been worth it to reconnect with your partner. It’s possible you have been working hard to improve yourself either physically or mentally and you are expecting something positive to come from it such as improved health or happiness. Perhaps you feel you are deserving of someone sort of ‘payment’ for whatever you’ve had to go through lately- in the form of money, attention or affection... to read more click HERE 

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