One argument when you dream about fast food is that you focus too much on short term pleasures without any concern for the long-term impact or your responsibilities.

We find out what it means to dream about fast food

We find out what it means to dream about fast food

Perhaps you care about nothing but the feeling of a quick thrill- doing things that lack any substance or activities that require no deep emotional thinking.

Think about what you are sacrificing for such immediate satisfaction and comfort- will it be worth it in the long-term? You could be generating a whole host of trouble for yourself later down the line for your health, your relationships or your life balance if you don’t break bad habits now.

It might be wise to weigh up all your options before you take the next step and reconsider your priorities.

If you were eating fast food in a restaurant- it might be sign that you need to do something faster than you currently are- or perhaps you are being too speedy, living in the fast lane and need to slow down.

It may also be symbolic of being on a budget or needing to spend less money. Perhaps you need to start cooking at home if your finances are under pressure.

More simply- it could be that you are eating too much fast food and it’s taking its toll on your health. It might be time to start thinking carefully about what you are feeding your body and the effects the fast food is having on you- not only now but when you’re older too.

Finally, fast food could be an indicator that you are letting others do things for you all the time. It might be kinder to these people and more beneficial for you if you know how things are made, how they operate and what goes into creating something from scratch. You never know, you might learn a little something in the process.  

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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