To dream about Frankenstein represents an aspect of yourself that you feel is out of control.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This might be scary or unpleasant for you but you don’t know how to tame it.

It can also refer to something you regret starting in the first place, but it might be so out of hand you’re unable to stop it.

If you were the Frankenstein in your dream, perhaps you think people are wary of you- do you know why?

It’s possible they are worried about you making decisions for yourself when they were always made for you. This could be appropriate if you are about to leave for college or start something up on your own like a new business. You might be doubting your own independence as a result.

Perhaps you feel lonely right and that no one understands you. You may hold beliefs that others don’t share and its driving people away. You may think that others perceive you as weird or dangerous when that’s not the case.  If you are misunderstood is it time that you show others you aren’t the person they think you are?

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Another interpretation is that you fear something in your waking hours that you don’t know how to deal with. Perhaps you need to ask someone else for help and advice?

It’s possible the monster represents a side of your personality that makes you uncomfortable. Why does it make you feel this way and is there anything you can do to alter your perception of it?

Do you need a change in direction? Or would it benefit you to give up a bad habit that is detrimental to your health?

Selfishness is often a theme that is synonymous with the original novel- so perhaps you have been thinking only of number one lately and need to widen your thoughts to family and friends. Your selfishness could be driving people away and giving you a bad name so perhaps you need to start thinking about others instead of yourself.

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