If you saw or were eating French fries in your dream, it could mean that you shouldn’t overlook the seemingly frivolous and small things in life. They count for something too.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you have been having some thoughts you assumed were unimportant or not serious enough to pay attention to. There may be an underlying reason you are having them that you may wish to explore.

It’s possible you have been enjoying yourself lately or engaging in activities that you know won’t last or have any real value- but they bring you joy all the same.

On the other hand, perhaps the dream is telling you to put an end to this time wasting and invest your effort into something more worthwhile.

French fries may have been something you ate as a child, so perhaps you need to draw on something from your childhood and apply it to your adult life. Alternately, you may be spending too much time in the past and still acting as you did when you were younger. It might be time to grow up.

French fries offer very poor nutrition so your body might be telling you to nourish it with better food. Have you been eating poorly lately? It might be taking its toll on your heath. It could also refer to bad habits that you need to get out of in order for your body to heal itself.

Do you feel guilty about the quality of food you are putting in your body or in your family’s body? Perhaps you need to look more closely at the food you bring into your home and see if there are any positive changes that can be made.

Or metaphorically, you may need to feed your mind, your body and your soul or one of these in order to feel better.

French fries are tempting foods- so the dream could be a sign that you are tempted by something in your waking hours. You might  need to think long and hard about acquiring whatever it is before you rush into anything.

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