When you dream about a Friday, you may be coming to the end of a difficult task in your waking life either personally or professionally.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

'Thank God It’s Friday' as the saying goes-so it’s probable you are grateful that the task is over.  

Perhaps things are finally starting to look up- you may have more freedom to do the things you really want to rather than the things you feel you have to. You may have a better work-life balance now or feel more secure in your relationship for instance.

You might be anticipating some time off like a weekend away or holiday and you're feeling a little distracted right now because you're looking forward to it so much and everything else has faded into insignificance.

Another interpretation is that you have overlooked something important or ignored last minute details because you feel you have worked hard enough already and deserve a break.

On the flipside, you may feel like the people around you are not as invested as much you are in dealing with difficulties at work and generally have a lack of tolerance for the workload right now- leaving you to do it all.

There could be a deadline looming in your waking hours and you feel you need to be serious about it until it’s met.

You may also be feeling happy that you have finally solved an ongoing problem and think you deserve to be lazy and do nothing as a reward for discovering a solution.

If you dream about your partner and a Friday, it's possible that it's been a meaningful day for you both. It could be the day you met, the day you started dating or even the day you got married or engaged. Whatever significance Friday has to you- only you and your lover can decipher it.

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If you are considering leaving something for a later date, it might benefit you to do a little now. Any action counts in the grand scheme of things and will lesson your load later down the line. A Thursday can also mean that rest, peace and rejuvenation is coming your way. Perhaps you have booked a holiday, some time off or are about to spend some time alone and you are aching for it to come around. You might even be taking your foot off the pedal a little if you’ve already started to wind down in preparation for it. On the flipside, you may need to listen up and pay attention, as there is something you need to urgently complete in your waking hours and it has a deadline that can’t be missed. Plus, if you meet this deadline it might make you feel less guilty when taking a break and allow you to focus on other things.

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