If you dream about giving something to someone- it suggests that you have an appreciation for that person in your waking hours.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you were showing them affection- that means they are special to you, so don’t ever take them for granted.

On the flipside, it might also represent permission being given to you to express your ideas and explore your feelings. Perhaps you feel you need permission to accept who you are or forgive yourself for something you’ve done. Maybe you want to give yourself the permission to behave in a certain way.

Another thought when you give a person something in a dream is your wish to make their life easier. Perhaps someone you know has been through a painful experience lately and you want to ease their difficulties.

If you were giving something away, you may have let go of something too easily. Perhaps you need to be firmer next time. You are throwing something away that you need or that is worth putting in the extra effort for. What are you giving up? Is it time you stand up for yourself and not let others take charge?

It’s possible you need to try harder to protect yourself from harm or to succeed at something rather than falling at the first hurdle and failing to get back up again.

Perhaps it’s easier to surrender but some things might be worth fighting for.

Another negative thought is that- in giving something away in a dream, you want to offload your problems and responsibilities onto someone else. Perhaps it’s time to face up to the situations that are of your own doing.

If someone else was giving you something in your dreamscape, then you may be the one who’s appreciated and thought of as special by those around you. Consider who was the gifter in your dream as this could be the person who thinks the most of you.

Someone might be trying to make things easier for you- so if you need the help- let them.

Perhaps you are more accepting of an idea now or maybe you are willing to take on more.

On the other hand, being handed something in your dream could reflect your guilt over having never earned what you have. You have been lucky rather than hardworking in life and you feel shame in that.

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