To dream that you are covered in grease could mean you need to get your life running smoothly again.

We find out what it means to dream about grease

We find out what it means to dream about grease

Perhaps it has encountered a few lumps and bumps lately and you need to straighten things out.

If you were struggling to move because you were greased up then you may have lost your advantage in a situation in your waking life.

The dream could be a pun- you may need to put more ‘elbow grease’ into something if you have been lazy or late or not putting in the effort you know you can.

Greasy is often a word that’s associated with sleazy, underhanded behaviours so perhaps someone is acting this way in your waking hours and you need to be careful around them. Maybe you are the one who’s been like this towards others and you regret it. You or someone else might have resorted to dishonest behaviours to make up for some sort of loss.

If the grease had stained an item of clothing- it’s possible you are struggling to rid your life of something- a memory, mistake or problem. Perhaps someone or something is acting as a constant reminder of whatever it is.

You may be trying to hide or forget something but it’s proving to be very difficult and might even be embarrassing you.

If you or someone looked greasy in your dreamscape you may be worried about your appearance right now. Perhaps you are afraid of looking messy or like a slob for a specific occasion or just in general. Or maybe someone has called you by such a name lately and it’s had a resonance with you.

Greasy food might reflect recent behaviours that were irresponsible and even detrimental to your health but you enjoyed them all the same. Perhaps you were going against the rules, convention or misbehaving- but it felt good doing it and you don’t regret it.


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