If you saw or were eating a burger in your dream without the bun, it’s possible you feel you are lacking something in your waking life. Something emotional, physical or intellectual and if you had it, you would feel whole again.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may be feeling unsatisfied with some area of your life right now- a relationship, your career, your location or your mood.

Burgers also represent a lack of sophistication- it’s possible you feel you aren’t very worldly compared to those around you. On the other hand- you might believe that you don’t need as many experiences or as much knowledge to get through life- you are still able to indulge in your own way. You may feel there is a power in being who you are and not what others want you to be.

Perhaps you have been eating too many fast foods lately and this is acting as a warning to cut back on convenience items and eat something home cooked and healthy.  

This convenience could be linked to other areas of your life too- are you having easy sex without investing anything emotionally? Or are you engaging in activities that are leaving you feeling let down because the idea was far more appealing that the reality?

If the burger had all the accompaniments- the bread, the sauce, the cheese, the lettuce, this could be indicative of feeling satisfied if with your life right now- you have everything you could ask for. Or it could be that you and someone else are getting on really well together- you fit, you gel- you are a good team.

Burgers are a comfort food- so you might feel a sense of contentment in your life at present. A familiarity with someone or something that makes you feel or puts you at ease.

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