Let’s take a deeper look at dreams involving hands

Dream Interpretation - Hands the Left Right differences

Dream Interpretation - Hands the Left Right differences

In general terms hands have many interpretations they act as a form of communication that can represent a multitude of representations including, authority, dislike, protection, justice, and more it all depends on the type of gesture.

It might mean you need to lend a helping hand to someone or are you receiving a helping hand from someone else. Then again it could point to you have a need for help from another, emotionally or practically. If the latter is the case don’t be afraid to seek help from others when you need it.

Taking this further if it involves the left hand, either your own or another this represents graciousness and a femininity, receptive qualities, while the right hand represents masculinity, again either your own or another.

Putting a further twist on the right hand connection it may indicate something as simple as some decision or something being correct or - right.

If you dream that your hands are detached, then it indicates that you subconsciously feel you’re not getting your point of view across, or not being understood. Again, it may simply mean you are feeling emotionally lonely or isolated.

Further on the left – right issue a dream that your hands are itchy indicates issues with money. If the left hand is the itchy one, then it will signify it concerns receiving money but if it involves the right hand or even both hands being itchy, then it signifies money being paid out or lost.