If you dream about being homeless, you might be feeling powerless and insecure right now.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you don’t know where you or your life is headed and are feeling unsure about yourself.

If you saw someone who was homeless in your dream, perhaps you are taking for granted what you have. Even more so if you were being unkind to the homeless person.

Do you need to cherish the things and the people in your life more? If so, try to value what you already have and not what you want.  

It’s possible you see yourself or some aspect of your personality as a failure and this is filtering through into your dreams. It might be time to channel these feelings into determination and making a success of yourself or something in your life, so you never have to go through this again.

You may be worried about your finances and homelessness is a genuine concern of yours as a result. More widely, the dream could be about your fear of losing something or someone- this might not be money, but a partner, family member, a job, a situation or a feeling. You aren’t confident in whatever it is sticking around.

If you don’t have much confidence in your future or the things and people in it, perhaps it’s time to alter your course or change your outlook so whatever is precious to you is here to stay.

A homeless person could mean that you feel unfulfilled in your life as it stands. Do you need to find a means of boosting your self-esteem?

Perhaps you are fooling yourself into thinking you are happy when you aren’t. If this is the case what would make you happy? If you can pinpoint what it is then you are better placed to make the necessary steps to get there.

Homelessness can also be linked to a sense of belonging. If you don’t feel you belong with your partner, where you work, where you live or with the people you consider to be friends, it might be time to ask yourself why. You may have make some changes once you have an answer to this question.

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