A hot dog can be interpreted as a phallic symbol- it’s thought to represent masculinity, enthusiasm and sexual energy. This could be taken different ways depending on your situation. You might crave more effort in the bedroom from your partner if you are the one with the higher libido. You might wish to have more interest in sex if your lover has a differing sex drive to you.

We find out what it means to dream about a hot dog

We find out what it means to dream about a hot dog

Perhaps you are considering having an affair to satisfy your needs or maybe you already are. Even if you have no intention of cheating- you might be thinking about sex with someone other than your partner.

Alternatively, a hot dog can also be seen as a representation of simple and short-lived pleasures. Something you are not taking too seriously- it just suits you for now. It’s possible you are relying too many of these little satisfactions in your waking hours and it’s taking its toll. You may need to invest in more long-term pleasures and more complex ones to prolong the positivity or the feeling of stability.

Along the same lines, hot dogs are thought to be a sign of temporary things. You may be feeling some relief right now- but it probably won’t last. You might be craving something or someone at present but this likely will fade. Perhaps you are distracted right now but whatever it is that is holding your attention won’t be for much longer even if it is comforting in the here and now.

Along this vein- a hot dog could indicate a fling- you are enjoying a relationship for now- but you are not opposed to moving on if something better comes along.

On the other than you might need to invest more in something- a relationship, your career or a hobby for instance if you are not giving it the attention if deserves.

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