Jokes are symbolic of happy times, fun and frivolity. If you were the one cracking the jokes in your dream, it could foretell good times ahead with those you were with.

We find out what it means to dream about a joke

We find out what it means to dream about a joke

If you were telling jokes that no one found funny, or if someone else was telling a joke that everyone found hilarious except you, then you may feel left out of your inner circle of family or friends.

It’s possible you feel like an outcast right now and the harder you try to be included- the more you are left out.

Perhaps some people in this circle feel threatened by you- by your job, your qualifications, your experiences, your finances- so you may need to spend time with people who aren’t fazed by these things if you are not willing to change.

If you seek out people of a similar ilk, you may feel a little threatened by them at first- but it might just push you to do even better than you are.

If you are willing to make some tweaks, perhaps you need to be humbler in order to prevent any isolation with your existing social circle.

It’s possible you don’t feel people are taking you very seriously during your waking hours- you feel like a joke and it’s frustrating you. On the flipside- are you the person who’s not taking things as seriously as you should be?

If you heard a joke in your dream, then you may be doing something that is pointless or ridiculous in real life. You may need to channel your energies into something more serious and with substance.

The dream could be a way of alleviating the tension you have felt in your waking life. Something has been weighing heavy on you and you need a release. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to do this when you’re awake- but for now is encouraging it in your sleep state to get you started.  


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