When you dream about a kitchen, it’s generally about preparation.

We find out what it means to dream about a kitchen

We find out what it means to dream about a kitchen

Perhaps you are preparing for a big event or change in your life or making plans for the near future. It’s possible you’re about to enter into a new life experience like going off to universality, having a family, starting a new job or getting married.

If you are prepared in your waking hours for whatever it might be then you won’t have any troubles or problems when it finally arrives.

If the kitchen was well stocked then your finances are in a healthy state right now or are about to be. On the other hand, if the cupboards were bare or had very little in them, you may be tightening the purse strings in your waking hours.

If the kitchen was piled high with dishes then you may be taking on everyone else’s problems and it’s taking its toll on your home life.  It is time to stop other people’s issues piling on top of your own?

Cooking a meal in a kitchen shows that you take good care of your loved ones- you have a nurturing side to your personality like a mother figure. You have good relationships with your family and strong friendships.

On the flipside, if someone else was cooking in your kitchen then you may be the one who’s in need of being looked after- you would benefit from some spiritual nourishment.

If the kitchen was big, then you may see a surge in your social life- perhaps you will become more popular with people who live close by or even work colleagues. It can also mean that you will achieve great things in your professional life.

A clean kitchen symbolises harmony and balance within your family.

To be in your neighbour’s kitchen means they are taking about you behind your back so be careful who you talk to in the vicinity.

A stranger in your kitchen means someone will come along who you don’t know and put a halt to your plans.

If you were burned, scalded or cut in your kitchen, there could be painful consequences of your recent actions.






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