To see gold leaves in your dream denotes a happy and bright future ahead of you.

We find out what it means to dream about leaves

We find out what it means to dream about leaves

Leaves are generally thought to be a symbol of growth and openness. You may need to open yourself up to new opportunities in order to mature- so consider doing something different and see how it feels.

On the other hand, leaves can also represent the passage of time. Perhaps you have been reflecting on your history lately and thinking about what has gone before.

Leaves can also be a metaphor for leaving someone or something be. Perhaps it’s time to let them or it go it alone. Or maybe you need to someone to leave you alone if you feel you need some space. Is it time to tell them?

Dying and withering leaves can be related to feelings of hopelessness, despair, loss and sadness. If you have been feeling any of these things in your waking hours, the leaves could be telling you to seek some help to get you through this difficult time.

If you were sweeping up or raking leaves, you could be at the end of something significant- a project, relationship or event. You have experienced a lot but it has reached the finish line.

Your subconscious could be telling you that you need to leave something behind- a job, a habit, a partnership, a friendship. Anything that is detrimental to your health and wellbeing- think about how you would feel if you could cleanse your life of it.

Consider the colour of the leaf as this can provide extra meaning. A green leaf can mean hope and new opportunities, brown and grey leaves might be telling you that you have false hopes and you need to be more realistic in your endeavours. Colourful but wilted leaves are linked to disappointments and failures- things that had the potential to be great but you let slip through your fingers.  

A huge pile of leaves on the floor is representative of lots of ideas and thoughts- perhaps you are overwhelmed with them all and you need to sort through them and find the most significant ones.


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