To see light in your dream indicates greater clarity, guidance, insight and understanding.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are shedding some light on a current predicament or situation. You may have found the answer to a longstanding problem you’ve had or finally have the truth when you have been fed lies by others.

Consider the intensity of the light- a very bright light is representative of your spirituality. The dream could be telling you to be a more spiritual person to help you through a current issue.

Again, if the light was bright- perhaps you need to find a greater awareness or learn to feel more.

A bright light is often associated with someone who is close to death. Perhaps you know someone who is unwell, and you are thinking about what is next for them. Or perhaps someone close to you has recently passed and you are thinking about where they are now.

If you couldn’t turn on a light in your dream, then you may not have enough perspective or insight into something and the dream is urging you to gain more.

A dim light suggests thoughts and feelings that need more development- the potential is there but at present they are not ready to be presented to the world. You need a greater understanding of them first. Perhaps some exploration of your subconscious is necessary before you can take meaning from these thoughts.

If the light was attached to a motion sensor, then you may be headed in the right direction, so you may just need to continue down the path you have decided upon.

Pay attention to the type of light- a neon light refers to your desire for fame. Consider what was written in the neon letters for greater understating.

A nightlight indicates that you are looking for some guidance from someone. Consider who would be the best person in your waking hours to approach about this.

A spotlight means people are starting to pay attention to you- or on the flipside- you want them to, but they aren’t.

Finally, a stoplight suggests that someone or something is holding you back in life. If you can pinpoint who or what this could be- you will be well on your way to solving this setback.

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