Lions in dreams often represent strength, courage, aggression and power.

We find out what it means to dream about a lion

We find out what it means to dream about a lion

It’s possible the strength and courage inside you will help you overcome some emotional difficulties. Perhaps you never knew you had such abilities within you- so you need to harness them.  

Lions are kings of the jungle so they are also synonymous with leadership, pride and dignity.

You may have a lot of influence over others in a professional capacity- but are you influencing them well? Consider you role as a leader- are you setting the right example? Are you earning the respect of the people you are leading?

Upholding this responsibility could mean that you need to be careful what you do in your spare time- you have to act with restraint or it could affect your reputation. This might be frustrating for you when you want to relax and be yourself.

More negatively perhaps you have a need to control others- you like to be in charge even if other people don’t want or need you to be. Do you force others to respect you through fear?

If a lion was dead in your dream, this could symbolise a recent fall from power- you may have lost your status that you held so dear and it’s knocked your confidence.

If you were being attacked by a lion in your dreamscape- it’s possible there’s a force that’s driving you to emotional self-harm.

There may be people who are intimidating you in real life- bullies, your employer, a parent, whoever it might be- but it’s usually someone with authority.

You may need to find a way to navigate around these obstacles and challenges they are sending your way before you hit the self-destruct button.

If the lion was black, there could be negative force in your walking hours. Someone in a position of power is pushing you into something that you don’t want to do. Is it appropriate to push back and tell them you refuse?

Lions can also represent your temper- perhaps you are losing your temper with those you care about all too often and its taking its toll on your relationships.  Could you be overreacting?


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