When you dream about a microwave, it's often because you want to make big changes in your waking life. 

We find out what it means to dream about a microwave

We find out what it means to dream about a microwave

You may even be prepared to destroy something you already have in the hope of something better such as a relationship or situation.

Microwaves are convenient, so it's possible you want someone or something to be less difficult in your waking hours. You want more ease, satisfaction and comfort day-to-day- so perhaps you are searching for ways to do this. On the other hand, maybe your whole life is a convenience and you have forgotten the meaning of hard work. 

In your dreamscape, a microwave can have even more negative connotations. Perhaps you are willing to do something that you've given little thought to in order to alter your circumstances.

If you were cooking a meal in the microwave, it's possible that you are feeding yourself with thoughts and desires that are not good for you and you may need to find a way of breaking this cycle.

Perhaps you need to consider a new and better way of doing something if the way you are currently handling it is not efficient enough.

Microwaves can also represent quick thinking or quick results- this might be something you yearn for yet you may need to learn to be patient.

Another interpretation is that you want money fast- perhaps you are looking for a faster way to make cash right now if you are struggling financially.

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