Mince pies are thought to be a mark of good fortune.

We find out what it means to dream about mince pies

We find out what it means to dream about mince pies

If you dream about mince pies, it’s a positive sign- even more so at any time of year other than Christmas.

Christmas is synonymous with good things for most, so perhaps this dream is a reflection of something positive that has happened to your lately when you least expected it to.

Mince pies are closely connected to Christmas festivities- so the dream could be due to either your excitement for this time or your dread if Christmas is a difficult period for you.  

Perhaps you worry about the cost of Christmas, the effort and planning that is required and keeping the peace between family members.

On the flipside you may be looking forward to buying and receiving gifts, seeing family and friends and enjoying good food and drink.

A mince pie is typically filled with dried fruit and spices- so the dream could be telling you that you need to spice up some area of your life. Perhaps you could do this immediately or maybe you need to sit down and plan it in for post-Christmas as a New Year’s Resolution.

Another interpretation is that mince pies are a symbol of blessings after having gone through many trials. Perhaps you have had a challenging year and you anticipate Christmas as a time to relax and reflect on what you’ve been through- this year more than any other. You may be in a more positive frame of mind right now and it’s coincided with the closing of the year when celebrations are commonplace.

Mince pies are not the easiest of things to make so the dream could be linked to the hard work you’ve put into something and now it’s time to enjoy the rewards.

Source: www.dreampedia.org


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